The opportunity.

Did you know that Tri-Cities is one of the largest Metropolitan areas in the Northwest? Yet entrepreneurs starting businesses in the Tri-Cities have been largely underserved lacking resources to support early stage businesses - but now there is a growing entrepreneurial environment in the Tri-Cities and surrounding area fueled by entrepreneurs seeking quality of life Tri-Cities residents have come to value - affordability, minimal traffic congestion, outdoor activities, and a family friendly community.

Fuse recognized the inherent beneficial attributes of the Tri-Cities region and launched with the intent of becoming  a unique resource to early stage Tri-Cities businesses by creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem that will enable their success. Operating since 2014, Fuse offers a suite of resources to launch and grow businesses with modern full-service co-working, networking and mentoring activities, education for business owners, and an accelerator program for entrepreneurs. To complete the entrepreneurial ecosystem, Fuse has created Fuse Fund as a source of capital to launch early stage businesses on a trajectory to success. As success breeds success, the outcome of this comprehensive entrepreneurial environment is economic prosperity, community growth and ultimately reinvestment in businesses in and around the Tri-Cities.


Our strategy.

We believe the entrepreneurial model is nearing the tipping point. Traditional hubs for entrepreneurs such as San Francisco, Seattle, and other large metropolitan areas are growing in a non-sustainable way. Housing expenses, crowding, traffic, homelessness and other struggles are reducing the quality of life for people living in these bubble cities. Instead we want to create an environment where early stage businesses can thrive and prosper in more moderately sized communities like the Tri-Cities while enjoying a more robust quality of life and lower cost of living. The Tri-Cities is well positioned to provide the desired quality of life along with economic advantages to achieve an ideal balance for starting businesses and growing families, along with providing a nexus of highly desirable talent and cutting-edge facilities. Fuse Fund was created to round out the Fuse offerings recognizing that capital for early-stage companies is a crucial element of a healthy ecosystem.


Where we are.

We are located in Richland WA in the sunny heart of Eastern Washington. Given an abundance of water from three rivers – Columbia, Snake and Yakima – that crisscross our region we are surrounded with some of the most productive agriculture sites in the world including being home to a robust wine industry.  Supportive infrastructure such as food processing  and transportation have blossomed around the region.  Additionally, the area is a hub for technology with our local partners, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) and Washington State University Tri-Cities creating a nexus of Ag and Tech.

Company structure.

Fuse Fund is a Delaware chartered limited partnership, wholly owned by Fuse, SPC. Fuse advisors LLC takes the position of general partner, and fund investors are brought on as limited partners.


The Fuse universe.



Fuse is a co-working space where members come together to create something new, from business start-ups to community events. Fuse advocates for innovation and collaboration, to create an atmosphere of growth.



Fuse Launch is a business accelerator that offers a variety of programs designed to educate new entrepreneurs as well as aid in the funding, ideation, creation of new business ventures.



State of Motion is a non- profit that offers resources for marketing, business process, and product development for new and young small businesses.

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